Position Paper:

Treating Type 2 Diabetes: a New York State Medicaid Clinical Guidance Document





Review Panel:

Figures, Tables & Charts
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Figure 1: Risk factors for development of T2DM

Figure 2: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy testing modalities

Figure 3: Criteria for referral to appropriate professional

Figure 4: The plate method

Figure 5: Contraindications to metformin use

Figure 6: Suggested treatment algorithm

Figure 7: Metformin slow dosing titration schedule example

Table 1: Diagnosed diabetes prevalence rates

Table 3: Basil insulin titration

Table 2: Diabetes-related parameters

Table 4: Rapid-acting insulins

Table 7: Long-acting insulins

Table 5: Short-acting insulins

Table 6: Intermediate-acting insulins

Table 8: Insulin premixtures

Table 9: General approaches to adjusting insulin dose

Table 10: Tips for insulin conversion

Table 11: Expected A1C decrease of various interventions

Table 12: Hypertension and lipid goals/management for T2DM patients