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CME Nicotine Dependence October 2016 Evaluation

3.1 Define nicotine dependence
3.2 Identify tools to assess a patient’s willingness to quit
3.3 Discuss opportunities for behavioral interventions (e.g., behavioral support, counseling and self-help materials) and pharmacotherapy for patients motivated to quit
3.4 Determine appropriate nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or non-nicotine pharmacologic combinations that best meets patient’s goals and needs
4.1 The content seemed current
4.2 The course content was relevant to my practice
4.3 Knowledge gained (How well did you improve your knowledge of the subject?)
5.1 The presenter demonstrated topic mastery
5.2 Pace (How well did the speaker move through the subject?)
6.1 The instructional material was well organized
6.2 The material sufficiently covered the topic
6.3 The material is likely to be useful as future reference
7.1 The instructions were clear on how to navigate the program
7.2 The connectivity to the program was trouble-free
7.3 The video was of good quality
7.4 The audio was clear
7.5 If offered, how likely I plan to attend webinar activities in the future
7.6 The pre/post test assessment increased my knowledge of the subject matter
If you disagree, please be specific in your explanation: