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The New York State Medicaid Prescriber Education Program (NYSMPEP) is a partnership between the New York State Department Of Health and several State University of New York (SUNY) academic institutions.




To provide prescribers with an evidence-based, non-commercial source of pharmacotherapy information.



To optimize the quality of care for New York State Medicaid beneficiaries by providing clinicians with the most current information on best practices in pharmacotherapy.




NYSMPEP consists of two components: a web-based curriculum and an academic educator outreach. NYSMPEP has available clinical pharmacists (Pharm.D.) that schedule visits with Medicaid prescribers to update them on the latest research concerning medication usage and new updates on disease states in an unbiased manner.




In April 2008, the New York State government passed legislation requiring the NYSDOH to develop a prescriber education program in collaboration with an academic institution (Health Law section 276-b). The goal was to provide prescribers with an evidence-based, non-commercial source of the latest objective information about pharmaceuticals. In response to this legislation, NYSDOH partnered with SUNY to develop the NYSMPEP, presenting information on standards of care based on clinical practice guidelines. As an initiative of Medicaid, the NYSMPEP provides support to prescribers serving New York State Medicaid beneficiaries.



Currently there are a few different disease-based educational modules in place, including Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus. New modules are created periodically and current module content is reviewed and updated on an annual and/or as-needed basis. Our Educational Modules also provide prescribers with continuing medical education credit.




Drug Information Response Center


The Drug Information Response Center is a service available to prescribers that provides thorough and timely in-depth answers to any questions they may have. Click here to view prescribers selected questions that were answered by the NYSMPEP Drug Information Response Center.


Drug Utilization Trends


Drug utilization trends within individual and group practices can be made available as part of practices’ own continuous quality improvement in pharmacotherapy.


Click here to contact an Academic Educator and to learn more about NYSMPEP drug information services